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Asian Riverine Forest

Out of Equatorial Africa, the tram meanders into the riverine rainforests of Southeast Asia.

Major highlights along this route are the encounters with the free-roaming Malayan tapirs and, of course, the all-time favourite Asian elephants.

Keep your eyes peeled for the tapirs whose black and white coats give them excellent camouflage in the dark. They almost always appear within an arm’s length of the tram, foraging slowly for shoots and leaves in the undergrowth.

Bull elephant
Our Asian elephant family is also a sight to behold. While you are greeted by our herd of female elephants and their young, make sure you keep an eye out for Chawang, our famed bull elephant and mascot of Night Safari. For an even closer encounter that includes an unforgettable interactive session with the elephants, sign up for our Premium Safari Adventurer Tour!

The bearded pigs and the highly social red dholes also call this region home. Swift and nimble, the endangered red dholes live in tight-knit packs in the wild. Here, you can see the wild dogs in their naturalistic forest clearing habitat.

From the Asian Riverine Forest, the tram descends into the Nepalese River Valley for an encounter with the diverse life forms of the wet marshlands and low-lying terrain.