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Equatorial Africa

At the northern-most tip of the Night Safari tram route, a gentle turn takes you to the plains of Equatorial Africa. Here you will see familiar wildlife favourites including giraffes, zebras, hippopotami, spotted hyenas and more.

Scimitar-horned Oryx
Out in the open grassland, herbivores like the Grant’s zebras, Cape giraffes and oryxes reside peacefully, grazing the night away. View them at a more leisurely pace from our paved walking paths after the tram ride.

Past the grassland and into the farther reaches of the savannah, you may feel as though you are being watched. Our clan of spotted hyenas are nearby. Known for their excellent eyesight and hearing which make them skilled hunters in the night, these dog-like animals are actually a closer relative to cats.  Famous for their rowdy vocals, you might be treated a sampling of why they are nicknamed ‘laughing hyenas’.

Farther along in the grasslands, watch out for the biggest African antelopes – the bongos. The spiralling horns and white stripes adorning their chestnut red coat make them a striking sight.

Nile hippos

Another heavyweight in the wild that you should look out for here are the Nile hippos. Just before the tram crosses into the Asian Riverine Forest, you will be able to spot these grass-eating creatures that kill more humans in Africa than any other animals. Listen out as our tram guide gives you the full story.