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Indian Subcontinent

This diverse landscape lies just beyond the shadow of the Himalayan Foothills.

The first animals on this journey are the barasingha deer with their antlers that can have as many as 12 branches.

Striped hyenas
Keep an eye out for predators as we approach the territory of the striped hyenas. The only species of hyenas found in Asia, these striped scavengers are active in the night; you’ll be able to a great view of their night-time foraging behaviour from the tram.

The route also takes you to explore a section of the dense Gir Forest of India where Gir lions roam proudly with their pride. Even though they’re smaller than their African cousins, these Asian lions are equally aggressive. Despite that, sadly only around 300 of them exist in the wild today. Night Safari is proud to say we continue to be successful in breeding these kings of the jungle.

Sloth bear
Our Indian Subcontinent zone is also home to the sloth bear. In fact, the animal might already catch your attention before you see it; listen out for the loud sucking noises it makes as it tries to extract delicious morsels from nearby insect mounds.

The East Lodge Station marks the end of the Indian Subcontinent tram route and the start of the fascinating Equatorial Africa region. Visitors who wish to explore the walking trails can alight at the East Lodge Station and head on foot to explore the Leopard Trail.