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Nepalese River Valley

As the tram journeys on, be prepared to catch full view of a rich array of animals foraging in the moonlight. The tram will drive through the forest habitat of one of the largest Asian deer, the sambar. Within the same habitat, look out for a herd of free-ranging spotted axis deer which are often seen dashing across the track while narrowly avoiding the tram.

Greater Asian Rhinoceros
Along the Nepalese River Valley route, listen out for the howl of the Indian wolf. Some believe they are howling to the moon, while others think they are calling out to something else – you decide.

Look out also for the living armoured charger - the greater Asian rhinoceros! This giant of the wetlands looks like a charging tank with its extremely thick grey skin and intimidating horn. Unfortunately, its sought-after horn makes it a target for poaching. As a result, there are reportedly fewer than 2,000 greater Asian rhinoceros left in the wild today.

This region precedes the Burmese Hillside where you’ll be able to spot the world’s largest wild cattle that can jump up to 6 feet high!