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Tram Safari Experience

Experience a multi-sensory wildlife adventure

The best way to begin your exploration of Singapore’s No. 1 Nightspot is on our guided tram tour. This exciting 40-minute expedition is a delightful way to travel deep into the domain of the world’s most fascinating animals. Your knowledgeable tram guide will fill you in on the special residents as you journey through 6 geographical zones of the world.

Japanese and Mandarin commentary tram seatings are available for booking at $10 per guest at Night Safari ticketing counters. Guests with Night Safari admission tickets can also proceed to the Night Safari reception counter to make bookings.

Take a sneak peek of our tram experience now:

Traversing changing landscapes, vegetation and wildlife habitats, your moving escapade will put you in the best seat to observe the animals in their specially lit enclosures. Listen out for the sounds of the forest – rushing water, singing insects, and the occasional calls of animals. It’s a multi-sensory adventure every member of your family will enjoy.

Read on and discover the adventures that await you:


Himalayan Foothills

Imagine an evening’s drive along the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range. Our journey...

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Indian Subcontinent

This diverse landscape lies just beyond the shadow of the Himalayan Foothills...

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Equatorial Africa

At the northern-most tip of the Night Safari tram route, a gentle turn takes you to the plains of Equatorial Africa...

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Asian Riverine Forest

Out of the jungles of the Indo-Malayan region, the tram meanders into the riverine rainforests...

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Nepalese River Valley

As the tram journeys on, be prepared to catch full view of a rich array of animals foraging in the moonlight...

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Burmese Hillside

The Burmese Hillside is the last zone along the Night Safari’s guided tram tour...

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