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Pokémon Go Edition Map

Ready to catch ‘em all at Night Safari? Here’s our special edition Pokémon Go park map and Pokémon Trainers’ Wildlife Survival Guide to help you on your mission!

Pokemon Trainers’ Wildlife Survival Guide

  1. Restricted areas are out of bounds for good reason – great danger lies yonder… stay away! Entry is forbidden for all Pokémon and their trainers.
  2. The lions, tigers, and even little primates do not like intruders. Do not enter any of the animal exhibits. You don’t want to be bait for any animals - Real or virtual.
  3. Some guests at the parks prefer real animals and are not here to “catch ’em all”.  Be nice and considerate for a great day in the sun!
  4. Falling into moats or water may make you an awkward social media star. As you travel across our park, searching far and wide, keep a lookout for safety hazards, not just Pokémon.
  5. Do not jump off a tram/ boat to catch Pokémon, save yourself a trip to the hospital.
  6. Do not disrupt shows and frighten our animals. They are a lot more sensitive than Pokémon monsters.
  7. Stay alert and look out for vehicles not Pokémon.
  8. Uniformed staff and security officers are around if assistance is required

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