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East Lodge Trail

Accessible from the East Lodge Tram Station, this intriguing trail will lead you to the crossroads of Africa and Asia, where the animals of the savannah and the tropics live side by side.

Malayan Tiger

Venture into the lair of Malaysia's national animal, the Malayan tiger. Go nose-to-nose with the prime hunter in its glass-fronted habitat. See how big its teeth are as it chows down during the token feeding sessions.

Sadly, this species of wild cat is now endangered because its body parts are highly sought-after by some cultures for their unfounded medicinal benefits.


The babirusa, the indigenous native of the islands of Sulawesi, also makes its home along this trail. Living nearby are the Red River Hogs, the excellent swimmers from the rainforests and dense savannahs of western and central Africa and the bongos, the largest and most visually striking African antelopes with their spiralled horns and white stripes-spangled chestnut red coat.

Explore deeper into the night savannah, the domain of the spotted hyenas, and you might be lucky enough to hear their infamous ‘laughter’, which they make when they are excited or frightened. These opportunistic predators are one of the most fearsome hunters as their powerful jaws are able to crush bones with ease.

Don't forget to see the servals of Africa before you leave the trail. These cats are undoubtedly the supermodels of the savannah with their long slender build and legs that are the longest of any cats in relation to their body size. These long limbs offer them a good view over the tall grass in their wild habitat. However, it is those huge ears they have that help them locate prey with deadly accuracy.

The East Lodge Trail connects the fascinating Leopard Trail to the new Wallaby Trail. So keep trekking and enjoy the nighttime wilderness.