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Fishing Cat Trail

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The Fishing Cat Trail simulates a nighttime trek through the jungles of Singapore. Here, you can expect to see native species of animals that either used to or are still roaming our forests today.

Fishing Cat
The key highlight along this trail is the fishing cat exhibit. Designed to offer guests an up close view into the riverside life of the fishing cat, the dense vegetation of this exhibit is fronted by a river, with fallen logs by the river edge. The fishing cat is a patient hunter and spends long periods stalking fish by the water edge. The moment a prey swims by, they will plunge into the water with lightning speed and grab the prey with their partially webbed paws.

As your multi-sensory journey continues, keep your nose up for a whiff of a popcorn-like aroma coming from a nearby habitat; that is the natural scent of the binturongs or bear cats. Moving ahead in the darkness, listen out for the sound of Indian gharials feeding in the shallow waters of their marsh habitat. You’ll also get to see the barking deer, the pint-sized greater and lesser mouse deer, small-clawed otters as well as the curious slow loris.

Another must-see along this trail are the pangolins. Their glass-fronted, cross sectional exhibit allows viewing of the subterranean and ground levels of their home. Despite their scaly appearance, pangolins are actually mammals. They are highly endangered due to poaching for the illegal wildlife trade. Night Safari is proud to be the first in the world to have successfully bred the Sunda pangolin.

Next to the pangolins, is a calm and quiet village house. This is where you can spot the common palm civets trail along ropes and branches. These cat-like critters are considered pests due to their pungent secretion. Read up on how one neighbourhood in Singapore dealt with their civet issue from the informational posters at the exhibit.

Travel deeper and you’ll find yourself in the marshlands where a family of pelicans, marsh birds, flying foxes and more await you.